Luck Attraction is now a Knee Jerk Reaction

                                                                                       How to "think lucky" to "get lucky"

It's been reiterated times over, few will
ever "get it". Being lucky, turning fortunate
is about clinging on to a superior force with
unadulterated conviction.

Just take a close look at the rich and famous.

They gave in to a superior cause which turned
out to be an inescapable and dramatic surge to
the ultimate manifestation of the supreme.

Once they did, they never looked back again.

They wrote off disparity.

They embarked on the journey to personal power.

They are unreservedly hypnotized with "the cause"
deeply imprinted in their subconscious.

Fully aware of the consequences of their decision
making process and actions, became attracted to
key people who in turn gave them all the spiritual,
social and psychological support a worthy human can
muster. This is just one of the characteristic patterns
of the awakened...hypnotized, bouncing off adversity
and settling only with the lifelong rewards of sage
energy manipulation.

Because - out of the sudden - the message came in
so clear to the point that all qualms disappeared.

Then came the genesis of the mind.